Corestrat Ventures is a global human & analytics-driven venture capital company focused on helping talented entrepreneurs build exceptional companies through human and financial capital support.

  • We bring to high-potential companies a wealth of relationships across various industries and regions.
  • We are looking for top notch entrepreneurial management talent with conviction, open to change, and the ability to work as a team.  
Global Venture capital

We believe emerging growth companies need more than capital.  We must leverage a strong global network to boost growth. Building good companies requires trust in people who are open to building a business together.

One of Corestrat Ventures key advantages for young companies is our founder experience with over 50 years in venture capital, banking, retail and technology sectors. The founders’ personal and corporate network spans the US, Europe and Asia and is fundamental in providing portfolio companies access to a global resource necessary for accelerating towards an ROI event.


Global Venture Capital - novel technology

Our fund is based in the US, but we also invest in great ideas from all over the world that are supported by novel technology which have the potential to modify global markets.

Global Venture capital - analytics-driven

We support companies primarily in fintech, quantum / deep tech, crypto, digital transformation and enterprise tech.

Global Venture Capital - Human & analytics-driven innovation

Above all we invest in people!  We are looking for open-minded people inventing sustainable innovation for employment generation, inclusivity, and improving the public and private communities.